Chemical Peel For Men

Unhappy With A Dull And Lifeless Face?

Men deserve flawless skin, too. There’s no better single treatment for raising your self-confidence and improving your appearance than a chemical peel. Peel off the old – let shine the new.

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What Makes It Special:

Chemical peels utilize safe chemicals that penetrate the top layer of the facial skin, forcing it to burn and peel off, letting way for a new layer of skin to grow in its place. This removes acne, scars, discolorations, and other blemishes on the face.

With three different options for chemical peel treatment – the lunchtime peel, the medium peel, or the deep peel – there is a treatment option for all types of patients.

Chemical Peel Men


The damage we pick up on our faces add up over time. Old scars, old cuts and bruises, sun damage, and so much more. As a man, you might be convinced that these marks add personality to your face, but there’s nothing better than a clear and flawless face. With our chemical peel solution, we can help you exfoliate your skin and peel off the damaged outermost layer. Stimulate the healing process like never before, and recreate the undamaged face you once had.

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Chemical Peels FAQ

We can pick up various blemishes and discolorations on our face over several decades of life, but there’s no reason why we should live with them. The chemical peel treatment gives people the option to shed off their facial skin in a relatively painless and completely safe manner.

The chemical peel treatment utilizes various chemical solutions that balances the texture and feel of the skin by burning away the damaged and discolored outer layers. In just a few sessions, patients can see a younger, fresher, and cleaner face that they haven’t seen in years.

Most people are eligible candidates for lunchtime or medium chemical peel treatments, as these treatments involve chemicals that are generally safe to everyone and result in very little downtime. Lighter chemical peel treatments require no sedation, opening up the treatment possibility to a majority of patients.

However, patients with darker skin tones may not be best suited when considering deep chemical peel treatments, as these can often lead to pigmentation issues (where the treated skin becomes lighter than the skin around it).

The sensation felt during your chemical peel treatment will depend mostly on the type of chemical peel you choose. For most chemical peel treatments, the sensation will be similar to pins and needles pricking the skin.