Tired Of Feeling Hopeless With More
Wrinkles Than You Can Count?

Your ultimate wrinkle-erasing solution. Dysport has the unique ability to spread beneath the skin, giving your face a youthful, natural glow and rejuvenation unlike any other.

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What Makes It Special:
While Botox and Dysport both contain botulinum toxin, their formulas are slightly different. Dysport is unique in its overall “spread” – while Botox is better at targeting a specific injection site, Dysport naturally spreads around the injection site, providing a more overall wrinkle-erasing effect.



Glabellar lines (frown lines found between the eyebrows) are one of the biggest facial complaints for both men and women alike, and Dysport may be the perfect solution for even the most severe cases. Dysport relaxes your facial muscles without freezing them, leaving you with full control of your face and none of the timely baggage. The lines that make you look older, angrier, and more exhausted than  you are can be wiped away with a single Dysport session.

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Dysport FAQ

A natural look for a natural you. Dysport can wipe away the wrinkles without the risk of severely paralyzing or freezing the muscles and nerve beneath your face. Dysport minimizes the lines and wrinkles in the face without interfering with the facial muscles’ range of motion and general movement.

With a single injection in key points of the face due to Dysport’s unique spread capability, Dysport can help patients with even the most severe frown lines and more.

Dysport is best used to erase certain kinds of wrinkles. These are sometimes known as dynamic wrinkles, or wrinkles that are caused by tense muscles underneath the skin leading to wrinkles when you frown, smile, laugh, and more.

Dysport targets those wrinkles directly by relaxing the facial muscles. Patients are left with fresher and younger skin that is wrinkle-free, even during their biggest smiles. Both men and women can undergo Dysport treatments.

With just a single treatment lasting up to 20 minutes, Dysport can dramatically reduce a patient’s frown lines and more for 3-4 months. Patients rarely notice little to no immediate results right after the procedure, as the Dysport requires a few days to truly seep in and affect the muscles. In most cases, the best results can be seen just 2-3 days after a single treatment.