Facial Acne Treatment

Why Spend Your Life Dealing With
Unwanted Acne?

Burn off your acne with our specialized lasers, specifically designed to treat your acne in a way no ointment or cream can achieve.

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What Makes It Special:

Laser facial acne treatment uses high-intensity, precise monochromatic light to target the acne directly at their source. The hemoglobin inside the acne is heated, causing it to melt and disperse. Keep the rest of your face safe and sound, while your acne is burned away.

Facial Acne Treatment


For some people, acne can be incredibly difficult to handle. Thankfully, facial acne treatment can help almost any patient clear up and improve their acne after just a single session. With time, consistency, and proper laser treatment, even the most severe cases of facial acne can experience amazing results.

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Facial Acne Treatment FAQ

Facial acne treatment with lasers is the preferred acne treatment for patients who don’t want to violently scrub their acne away. With no acids, chemicals, or abrasive scrubbing devices, laser facial acne treatment offers patients an effective anti-acne procedure that allows them to sit back and wait as the doctor does the work. With lasers, doctors and dermatologists can destroy the exact substances that make up the acne, leading to long-term results.

Anyone experiencing mild to severe cases of acne is a good candidate for facial acne treatment. Patients who have fair skin will have more successful results than those with very dark skin tones, as the laser can better identify acne against fairer skin tones.

However, some acne and skin conditions should not be treated by laser treatments. If you have psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis, laser facial acne treatment is not the procedure for you, as these can be worsened by laser involvement.

Facial acne treatment results vary from patient to patient; some patients may experience a complete cleansing of their face, while other patients may only see a partial acne treatment. For best results, you will need more than one session of laser treatment. After a series of treatments, a patient should wait at least three months to see the optimal results.

There can be some mild and temporary side effects, including swelling, redness, and the feeling of stinging skin. Rarer side effects include blisters and burns; this depends on the expertise and knowledge of your doctor.