Services For Men

At Montville, we go above and beyond to provide medspa services specifically designed for our male clientele. Here’s everything you need to look and feel great every single day:

Laser Hair Removal

Make shaving a thing of the past. With laser hair removal, unwanted body hair is zapped away, instantly, semi-permanently. No more unclean cuts and itchy razor burns. Decide where your hair belongs, and where it doesn’t.



Making natural aging work for you. Introducing a specialized dose of botulinum toxin to penetrate deep into your skin, instantly relaxing your muscles and erasing years’ worth of stress from your face.



Ultra exfoliation technology designed to cleanse, reduce pore size, and lighten acne marks with just one treatment. Don’t let old marks haunt you forever. Give your face a fresh, clean start today.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peel Men

Aging becomes a choice, not an inevitability. Turn back the clock on the effects of pollution and lifestyle choices embedded on your skin. Embrace a new chapter of your life with a reenergized face.

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