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Are you looking for a safe, natural method to resolve chronic back pain? Dr. Donna D’Alessio at Montville Medspa & Pain Center takes a comprehensive approach to pain management, where her goal is to solve conditions with noninvasive procedures. If you’re experiencing temporary or chronic back pain, Dr. D’Alessio can relieve your pain with the latest biological therapies such as epidural injections and trigger point injections. If you live in the Montville, New Jersey area, call or book an appointment online.

Back Pain Q & A

What are the symptoms associated with back pain?

Spine misalignment or damage can pinch and inflame surrounding nerve endings. Back pain comes in many forms and affects 80% of Americans at some point in their lives.

If you experience any of the following back pain symptoms, you should consult Dr. D’Alessio before your discomfort or pain increases:

  • Shooting pain or a continual ache in one spot
  • Popping or grating sounds when you bend or twist your back
  • Inability to sit up straight
  • Discomfort that derails your focus
  • Aching that prevents sleep or wakes you up
  • Frozen neck, frozen shoulder, or other back area spasms

How can back pain be treated?

If targeted stretching, yoga, or physical therapy doesn’t immediately relieve your back pain, treatments that don’t require prescription medication or invasive surgery should be tried next.

Medical research provides us with many biological therapies that copy organic molecules that exist in our bodies naturally. They mimic hormones, lubricating fluids, connective tissues, antibodies, and more.

These natural, therapeutic injections that mimic your body’s natural pain relief hormones can reduce or eliminate pain.

What’s an epidural steroid injection?

An epidural steroid injection (ESI) involves anti-inflammatory medication applied in the space surrounding your spinal cord and nerves to bring pain relief. Because of the risks associated with damaging spinal nerves, this is a delicate procedure that a central nervous system expert, such as a pain management specialist like Dr. D’Alessio, should administer.

This procedure is not the “epidural” administered before a woman gives birth or as an anesthetic before surgery. The results may take a few days to a few weeks to fully take effect.

What’s a trigger point injection?

If a small, ferocious knot in your back muscles, also known as a trigger point, is the cause of your pain, frozen muscles, or spine misalignment, a trigger point shot can relieve your symptoms. Local anesthetics are injected into the tight ball of spasming muscle tissue to cause it to relax. The relief is instantaneous.

To relieve your back pain without surgery, schedule an appointment online with Dr. D’Alessio or callMontville Medspa & Pain Center.



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