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Your shoulder is a complex joint with many muscles, tendons, and bones working in symphony, and if one player stops performing, it can throw everything off. As an expert in pain management and regenerative health, Dr. Donna D’Alessio in Montville, New Jersey can determine if temporarily stopping your body’s pain signals with a biologically-based cortisone shot will help to ease your pain. If you’re experiencing shoulder pain or limited range of motion, Dr. D’Alessio can provide relief in the least-invasive way possible. Call Montville Medspa & Pain Center or make an appointment online.

Shoulder Pain Q & A

What are some common symptoms associated with shoulder pain?

Bone misalignment and muscle weakness can cause pain that is easily treatable, without the need for surgery. Common symptoms associated with shoulder pain include:

  • Constant throbbing or sharp jabs of pain
  • Aching that prevents sleep or wakes you up
  • Swelling or warm inflammation
  • Discomfort that derails your focus
  • Limited range of motion that pulls, clicks, grates, or hurts
  • Inability to move your arm

Pain in or around your shoulder may indicate that you have a pinched nerve or an injury that could benefit from pain management injections. Conditions that cause chronic pain such as joint or degenerative diseases could also benefit from pain management shots.

How is shoulder pain treated?

Shoulder pain can be caused by muscle, joint, and bone damage that leads to inflammation surrounding nerve endings. This could be the result of a recent injury or a past injury that has healed, but you’re still feeling residual pain. Shoulder pain might also be the result of a chronic condition.

For any of these reasons — a current injury, chronic disease, or inflamed nerve from a prior injury — a cortisone shot can help you find relief.

For injuries and conditions that require other additional treatments, a cortisone shot can help you feel stronger so you can finish physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments, or just manage the pain.

What is a cortisone shot?

Corticosteroid injections, commonly referred to as cortisone shots or steroid shots, mimic your body’s natural hormones to block signals to your brain that indicate pain. They also reduce the inflammation of an injury and the nerve itself.

These anti-inflammatory agents are a much healthier alternative to medication, and usually are more effective because they’re inserted directly next to the cells causing your pain, rather than entering your system through your blood.

What are the benefits of a cortisone injection for shoulder pain?

Successful injections can reduce or eliminate pain and get you back to your everyday activities. Often, by the time the effect wears off, the nerve or injury causing your pain is healed.

AtMontville Medspa & Pain Center, Dr. D’Alessio completes an evaluation to determine the best course of action for you and your pain. She then develops a customized treatment plan based on your individual needs.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of shoulder pain, schedule an appointment online with Dr. D’Alessio or callMontville Medspa & Pain Center to find out if injection therapies can help you.


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